Series 1 - Episode 1 Winter

Mon 28 Aug 9am - 10am Eden (not Eden +1)
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Mon 28 Aug, 10am - 11am Eden +1
Mon 28 Aug, 3pm - 4pm Eden (not Eden +1)
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Mon 28 Aug, 9pm - 10pm Eden (not Eden +1)
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There are almost too many glorious visuals to enjoy in this lovely series first shown in 2009 as we revel in the snowy vastness of a -40°C Yellowstone winter and follow the bison, wolves and otters as they scrape a living in the bitter conditions. I would have gladly followed the Druid Pack of wolves for longer: the scene where they casually stalk a bull elk is wonderful.

Look out too for the sequence where a dainty red fox uses a brilliant trick to catch a mouse that is scurrying underneath six feet of snow. It’s magical. However, the voiceover may be a shade too lilting and mournful for some.


Following the wildlife that inhabits the famous American national park, a lost world of deep forests, vast plains and bubbling geysers. The first episode focuses on a variety of species as they struggle to survive the rigours of a freezing six-month winter, revealing that although the herds of elk and bison are weakened by the cold, one animal gets stronger - the wolf.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Peter Firth
Producer Paul D Stewart
Series Producer Andrew Murray