Down Among the Fearful - Part One

Series 7 - Episode 1 Down Among the Fearful - Part One



ITV1 has done the unthinkable and chopped Lewis stories in half, so don’t bed down for the usual two-hour, self-contained story; you’ll have to wait a week for the conclusion.

As Lewis and Hathaway pootle through Oxford’s lovely streets listening to chanting monks on the car stereo, they are involved in a crash that leaves Hathaway inconveniently strapped into a neck brace during the subsequent investigation into the murder of a psychic.

The unfortunate victim, who obviously didn’t see it coming, dies wearing an expression of complete terror. “He looks like he’s seen a ghost” is Lewis’s bland assertion.

As the inquiry gathers what passes for pace in Lewis, the detectives (Kevin Whately and Laurence Fox) once more have to put up with the rudeness of snooty academics – this time scientists who undermine belief systems.


When psychologist Reuben Beatty is murdered while moonlighting as a psychic, Lewis and Hathaway struggle to unravel the victim's baffling double life. Dark forces appear to be at work, and not just in the afterlife. Sanjeev Bhaskar guest stars in the first of a two-part episode, with Kevin Whately, Laurence Fox, Clare Holman and Rebecca Front.