The Gadget Show


Series 17 - Episode 9 Scotland



In Edinburgh, Jason Bradbury and Pollyanna Woodward head to the top of the Forth Road Bridge to see which of them can capture the best landscape picture using compact-system cameras. They also test the low-light capabilities of the gadgets in Mary King's Close, a warren of streets under the city's Royal Mile. In the Grassmarket, the duo work on a food van and try to tempt passers-by with low-fat chips made using healthier deep-fat fryers. Pollyanna looks into ways to save cash on mobile tariffs, while Jason builds his own gaming PC to see how the price of a home-built one compares to a professional model. Accompanied by comedy musical group Johnny and the Baptists, the presenters then return to Edinburgh's streets to test three unusual music docks, and finally attempt to land a radio-controlled plane on the roof of a moving car.