Queen Victoria's Children

Princes Will Be Princes

Series 1 - Episode 3 Princes Will Be Princes



Imagine writing these words about your own son: “A very common looking child, very plain in the face – clever, but an oddity. And not an engaging child; the ugliest and least pleasing of the whole family.” It’s Queen Victoria on her youngest son Leopold and this is typical of the warm maternal tone she adopted generally towards her sons. We see the boys gazing at us mournfully from photograph after photograph with their sad Hanoverian goggle-eyes – or “immense features and total want of chin” as their mother put it.

Her attempt to control every part of their lives and their attempts to rebel make for a fascinating psychodrama.


The concluding episode focuses on the monarch's sons, examining how they struggled to assert themselves in the shadow of their father. It explores Victoria's difficult relationships with the eldest, Bertie, whose sexual indiscretions she blamed for having fatally weakened her husband's health, and Leopold, who put up the most determined effort to break free from his mother's control.

Cast & Crew

Director Richard Sanders
Executive Producer Denys Blakeway
Producer Richard Sanders