Secrets of a Good Marriage with Sharon Horgan

Secrets of a Good Marriage with Sharon Horgan


et women at the extreme end of parenting. Her style is to observe oddness and acknowledge it gently, while showing restraint by not laughing. Here she does the same with marriage, asking different couples how their relationships work. Among them, Kavida and Roland are tantric teachers who like to drink tea in a sexy fashion. And Steven and Shelly claim to have saved their marriage by eliminating feminism. Good luck with the straight face, Sharon.


The actress and comedy writer explores the essence of a happy marriage, meeting six couples to find out the secrets of their fulfilling relationships and a bride and groom about to tie the knot. She talks to tantric sex teachers Kavida and Roland; Chris and Norma, who is 32 years his senior; alpha female Lydia and house husband Andrew; marriage-website owners Steven and Shelly; Louella and her partner, who tolerates her having a lover; and finally Chas and Diane, and Jo and Graham, who have all lived together in the same house for 23 years. The two women are identical twins and their four children have been raised as siblings.