Queen Victoria's Children

A Domestic Tyrant

Series 1 - Episode 2 A Domestic Tyrant



If there’s a school of thought among historians that Queen Victoria was a caring, well-adjusted mother, it gets no airtime here. Lucy McDowell’s terrific series assembles a sort of firing squad of biographers to assault the Queen’s character from every angle.

She was needy, she was vindictive, she was controlling. She was also fixated on her late husband: we’re told how, after Albert died, she would insist on having his clothes laid out and hot shaving water delivered to his rooms each morning.

Her relationship with her daughters, such as it was, suffered, though it drove them to some interesting routes of rebellion. The series concludes tomorrow.


The second episode focuses on the monarch's relationship with her daughters after the death of Prince Albert, exploring how Victoria clung to and bullied them, as well as arranging who they should marry. The princesses' response was to fight back, making them unlikely champions of female independence.

Cast & Crew

Director Rebecca Burrell
Executive Producer Denys Blakeway