Midsomer Murders

Death and the Divas

Series 15 - Episode 4 Death and the Divas



Echoes of Theatre of Blood, the glorious 70s horror film starring Vincent Price, reverberate through this episode, which starts with the killing of a local author in Midsomer Langley. She was writing a book about sisters Stella and Diana (Sinead Cusack and Harriet Walter), British B-movie stars in the 60s. One lives in the village while the other returns on the night of the murder after 40 years in Hollywood.

The dead author has two puncture marks in her neck – like a vampire bite. Thereafter every murder is reminiscent of a horror movie plot (mummification and burial alive included) although this doesn’t help pin down a suspect.

“In the film the killer was a 300-year-old nobleman who could only drink the blood of female virgins,” offers Barnaby, a horror film buff, helpfully. Midsomer Murders never takes itself too seriously but here it’s got its tongue so far into its cheek, it hurts.


The murder of a journalist has chilling echoes of a 1960s horror film starring Midsomer's own Stella Harris. When the actress's more famous sister Diana returns after a 40-year family rift, the body count rises, with each crime reminiscent of a movie plot - giving Barnaby and Jones what looks like a disturbing case of life imitating art. Neil Dudgeon and Jason Hughes star, with Harriet Walter and Sinead Cusack.

Cast & Crew

DCI John Barnaby Neil Dudgeon
DS Ben Jones Jason Hughes
Sarah Barnaby Fiona Dolman
Kate Wilding Tamzin Malleson
Stella Harris Sinead Cusack
Diana Davenport Harriet Walter
Cy Davenport Henry Goodman
Emma Harris Anna Wilson-Jones
Rosie Harris Alice Sykes
Scott Davenport Joseph Beattie
Patrick Tilman David Bark-Jones
Juliet Tilman Pandora Clifford
Colin Yule Pearce Quigley
Perry Stevens Samuel Anderson
Eve Lomax Sasha Waddell
Young Stella Georgina Beedle
Young Diana Thomasin Rand
Evil priestess Caroline Munro
Roderick Usher Alexander Owen
Nurse Rhiannon Harper-Rafferty
Woman Laura Girling
Older gentleman John Carson
Director Nick Laughland
Producer Jo Wright
Writer Rachel Cuperman
Writer Sally Griffiths
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