Ken Dodd: How Tickled I've Been!

Ken Dodd: How Tickled I've Been!


Liza Tarbuck tries to get a straight word out of the unique talent that is Ken Dodd. After nearly 60 years in the business, his typically British brand of whimsy always raises a smile and a host of contemporaries line up here to pay tribute.

How in-depth it gets remains to be seen, but if anyone can pin the mile-a-minute gagster down, it’s the ever-professional Liza.


Liza Tarbuck presents a celebration of the veteran Liverpudlian comedian. Ken talks about his childhood in Knotty Ash, his early career, great success, his joy of performing and why he will never retire. He also discusses his serious acting career as well as the origins of the Diddy People and the tickling stick. With contributions by Russ Abbot, David Hamilton, Roy Hudd, Bishop of Liverpool the Rt Rev James Jones, Claire Sweeney, Jimmy Tarbuck and Johnnie Casson.