Nursing the Nation

Nursing the Nation

Series 1 - Episode 1



District nurses change dressings, and in return they receive Maltesers. It’s probably not the experience of every one of the 10,000 expert nurses who work in the community, dealing with difficult patients, working in filthy houses, advising on care and keeping patients out of hospital, but it’s the impression formed by this first episode.

Further into this documentary we’ll be meeting a diverse range of patients and nurses, but in this first episode the incidental music and lingering shots of flowers and bees suggest that these highly skilled professional women are about to either burst into song or bake a cake. The patients’ suffering is real, as is the nurses’ concern, but there’s something missing here. It might be grit.


New series. Documentary following the lives and work of district nurses visiting homes across Britain. Bath-based Shonna's patients include Mr Comm, a deaf and blind war veteran who's always buying her presents, while Karen uses her 30 years of experience to help people recover from strokes, like 82-year-old grandmother Audrey, who is determined to get back on her feet.