Clara Bow: Hollywood's Lost Screen Goddess

Clara Bow: Hollywood's Lost Screen Goddess


Clara Bow made over 50 movies in ten years before walking away from Hollywood in 1932. She vanished so successfully that when a book on silent cinema was written in the 60s by film historian Kevin Brownlow, she wasn’t mentioned. But on the evidence of this charming film, she deserves to be better remembered. Lively and with hugely expressive eyes, she overcame a brutal upbringing to become Hollywood’s original “It” girl. So what went wrong? It’s a poignant story.


Examining the rise and fall of the American film actress, one of the biggest names in Hollywood's silent-movie era, whose sex appeal was compared by one director to that of Marilyn Monroe. However, with the advent of the talkies, her career suffered a decline and she retired at the age of 28 amid scandal and ill health. The film explores the psychiatric condition that lay behind her troubles and the breakdown of her personal relationships.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Caroline Wright
Producer Elaine Shepherd