Wild Weather in 2012

Wild Weather in 2012




We had the driest spring for over a century, which gave way to the wettest recorded three months ever. Much of the summer was a washout and with the Met Office having predicted sub-zero temperatures for the country during December, many of us may even have had a white Christmas. Stories of personal tragedies – especially those caused by flooding – have regularly filled the news.

This one-off regional documentary examines the bad weather of the past year and the chaos, damage and disruption it has brought. It includes footage of those caught up in challenging, testing and often distressing situations.


Regional weather programme documenting the year's record-breaking meteorological events that have caused widespread damage and disruption. Includes footage captured by those caught up in difficult situations and distress, and examines how the repercussions may lead to a rethink in the way the world is designed.