30 Years of CITV

30 Years of CITV


There’s a world of difference between good and bad kids’ TV, and even if the allegiance of your youth was to The Other Side, there’s no denying that CiTV has been home to some crackers. Along with the starlets who became stars when they moved to programmes like Coronation Street, there’s an awful lot of behind-the-scenes talent to be celebrated. Children’s Ward, for example, was created by Paul Abbot and Kay Mellor and scripted by writers including Russell T Davies. Press Gang — which inspired many journalists of a certain age — was Sherlock and Who genius Steven Moffat’s first work for television. And then, of course, there was Art Attack, Knightmare and SMTV Live. Igglepiggle who?


Vernon Kay narrates the story of the children's programme strand, originally shown to celebrate its 30th anniversary, looking back at popular shows such as Dangermouse, Art Attack and Knightmare. With contributors from the former stars of CITV including Ant and Dec, Holly Willoughby, Fearne Cotton, Stephen Mulhern, Michael Underwood, Christopher Biggins and Matthew Kelly.