Black Cherry

Series 5 - Episode 9 Black Cherry

Mon 30 Oct 3pm - 4pm FOX


If Patrick Jane is a latter-day Sherlock Holmes (and creator Bruno Heller has said as much) then Red John is his sick Moriarty. The serial killer has come close to revealing himself but when we thought we had finally seen him in the flesh (the Bradley Whitchurch finale of season three), we had the blood-stained rug pulled from under our feet.

There were enough theories about his identity knocking around to fill internet forums for years to come, then in last week’s episode Lorelei Martins dropped a huge hint that narrowed the options and now has Jane racking his brains. Distracting him is the murder of an estate agent and reformed gang member. Cho, meanwhile, meets a woman after his own heart.


The CBI investigates the murder of an estate agent who used to be in a gang. While his sister swears that he hasn't been involved in such activity for several years, further enquiries reveal that the leader had beat him up recently and was trying to find him on the night of the killing. Elsewhere, Jane searches for leads on his new connection to serial killer Red John.

Cast & Crew

Patrick Jane Simon Baker
Teresa Lisbon Robin Tunney
Wayne Rigsby Owain Yeoman
Grace Van Pelt Amanda Righetti
Kimball Cho Tim Kang
Chip McGavin Dan Gauthier
Lem McVie Brandon Claybon
Juliana McVie Kyla Pratt
Noah McVie Bryce Clyde Jenkins
Tiffany Stark Senta Moses
Agent Tamsin Wade Monique Gabriela Curnen
Victor Phipps Anthony Ruivivar
Director Elodie Keene
Executive Producer Bruno Heller
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