What a Surprise

Series 3 - Episode 2 What a Surprise



As series three of Miranda Hart’s espresso-fuelled sitcom continues, mum Penny (wonderfully game Patricia Hodge) humiliates our heroine by standing for local government. And to compound the misery, man-that-got-away Gary now has a perky new girlfriend, so Miranda goes clubbing, together with Stevie and Tilly. The friends’ competitive dating, and Miranda’s inability to stop singing aloud, provide plentiful laughs, but her moustache-wearing at an inappropriate moment is the highlight.

Some purists claim there’s no place for slapstick in comedy. Well, humbug to that. Miranda is blissfully funny and her legions of fans are right to ignore the loftier critics.


Gary decides to join the dating scene so he can bring someone along to Stevie's birthday party, prompting Miranda to do the same. Are the two of them destined to find romance in the arms of strangers - or with each other? Meanwhile, the shop owner can't hide her embarrassment when Penny decides to run for local councillor. Comedy, starring Miranda Hart, Tom Ellis and Patricia Hodge.

Cast & Crew

Miranda Miranda Hart
Penny Patricia Hodge
Stevie Sarah Hadland
Gary Tom Ellis
Tilly Sally Phillips
Mike Bo Poraj
Rose Naomi Bentley
Director Juliet May
Executive Producer Jo Sargent
Producer Emma Strain
Writer Miranda Hart
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