Pack of Teeth

Series 4 - Episode 1 Pack of Teeth

Sunday 6pm - 6:25pm ITV4


A fishing show presented by a 50-something sounds like a bit of a snooze. But if you’ve ever seen extreme angler Jeremy Wade in action, you’ll know there’s no chance of nodding off while you’re watching. When it comes to catching the world’s deadliest fish, this man is somewhere between fearless and downright crazy.

Here he’s in southern Africa tracking down a piranha-like fish that hunts in a pack, allegedly responsible for finishing off the victims of a ferry accident. As he battles to land one, you can clearly hear jaws snapping ferociously in the murky waters. “Piranhas,” says Wade quite calmly, “look quite puny in comparison.”


Jeremy Wade visits southern Africa to see if he can track down a deadly fish that lurks in the eerie waters of the Okavango. A killer with shark-like teeth, there are stories of it hunting in packs and feeding on schooling fish or even human bodies. Jeremy is determined to find out if it is a giant piranha or something equally terrifying.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Jeremy Wade
Director Barny Revill
Executive Producer Harry Marshall
Executive Producer Laura Marshall
Series Producer Andie Clare