Fine Dining with Bear Grylls

Fine Dining with Bear Grylls


Is Bear finally eschewing the great outdoors and enjoying haute cuisine chez Heston? Dream on… this is a clip show of some of the most distasteful and downright disgusting things that the survival expert has chomped on or swallowed over the past few years. Mind you, a couple of items might be OK – the trout steamed in sphagnum moss doesn’t sound too bad. Otherwise it’s a feast of ick, handily broken down into starters (deer droppings seem the most innocuous), fish, main course (roast skunk, anyone?) and dessert/drinks. I just wish he’d use his knife rather than his teeth to dispatch the ingredients for his dinner a bit more often…


The adventurer presents a guide to unusual food and drink that can be scavenged from the wilderness, including fluid from elephant dung and camel milk.