Numb: Simon Amstell Live at the BBC

Numb: Simon Amstell Live at the BBC


A stand-up show, recorded in the pleasing setting of an unadorned BBC TV Centre studio, by the star of Grandma’s House. The theme is Amstell’s inability to feel emotion without analysing it to death, and a spiritual journey that took him to an all-nude pool in Amsterdam, a shamanic retreat in Peru and hipster parties in east London. 

As Amstell obsessively turns in on himself - he can make Woody Allen look reckless and complacent - the serious musings on the futility of modern life could turn the comedy to mush. They don’t because the one addiction the vegan, teetotal Amstell can’t shake is getting the rhythm and structure of a punchline just so.


The comedian performs his stand-up show Numb, which he toured to sell-out audiences around the UK and Ireland in 2012, as well as taking it to Australia, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. Recorded at the BBC's Television Centre, with no set and minimal lighting for a stripped-down, intimate feel.