The Sensitive - Queen of the Dead

The Sensitive - Queen of the Dead


Psychic detective Thomas Soutar (Robin Laing) returns, with a case full of wintry tingle. The daughter of a recently deceased professor has found a cache of cassettes, all featuring the voice of a woman who is not the professor’s long-dead wife. Why does she sound so guilty and haunted, so much so that she styles herself the Queen of the Dead? Why is Thomas so drawn to a painting in the study?

A simple, spooky tale unfurls, offset nicely by Thomas’s mundane marital difficulties. He must be a fun character to write: any sleuthing dead ends can be fixed with a quick psychic vision…


By Alastair Jessiman. Glasgow psychic Thomas Soutar returns for a new case, as he aids an investigation by trying to identify a woman whose obsession with her late father led her to compile hundreds of tape recordings. Crime drama, starring Robin Laing and Julie Duncanson.