Len Goodman's Dancing Feet: The British Ballroom Story

Len Goodman's Dancing Feet: The British Ballroom Story


Strictly Come Dancing fans may raise an eyebrow at a see-through shirt or thigh-high split, but that’s nothing compared with the controversy ballroom aroused in its heyday. The waltz was branded an “obscene display”, while the Home Secretary sent the police in to prevent the charleston corrupting the masses.

With that trademark twinkle, head judge Len Goodman explains that nimble footwork was a revolutionary force because it sidestepped hierarchies. He’s the perfect escort for this twirl through ballroom history, full of jaunty archive clips and details — such as the fact that men tangoed with a rose in the mouth for hygienic rather than romantic reasons.


Len Goodman explores ballroom dancing in the early 20th century, a time when it was considered a radical and trendy form of entertainment. The Strictly Come Dancing judge visits Blackpool and joins professional dancer Erin Boag to practise some classic moves, before heading to London where he revisits the Rivoli, his favourite venue from his youth. The presenter also meets singers and musicians who still remember the golden era of ballroom and discovers why rules were introduced to govern steps, movements and music.