A Young Doctor's Notebook

A Young Doctor's Notebook

Series 1 - Episode 4



The young doctor’s morphine addiction has a deadly grip: hollow-eyed, working at that terrible clinic in the middle of nowhere, he is abject. Meanwhile, his older self (Jon Hamm) too is unhappy: when the pair “meet”, they fight. Though there is a scene that will delight Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe fans when they share a bath.

It’s the final episode, so there’s a sense of an ending for both. The young doctor is called out in a blizzard to a woman with a serious head injury. His “treatment” is shocking, but he’s detached — it’s the morphine. When he tries to resist, his world spins.


After a tracheotomy makes young Vladimir famous, he is inundated with patients - but he begins to experience the embarrassing and unsavoury side effects that have been plaguing his older self . Repulsed by what is happening to his body, the young doctor vows to make a clean start and decides to open a specialist syphilis clinic to combat the disease rife in his remote village. Comedy drama, starring Daniel Radcliffe and Jon Hamm.

Cast & Crew

Young Dr Vladimir Bomgard Daniel Radcliffe
Older Dr Vladimir Bomgard Jon Hamm
Director Alex Hardcastle
Executive Producer Kenton Allen
Executive Producer Jon Hamm
Producer Clelia Mountford
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Drama Comedy Arts