It Was Panning

Series 3 - Episode 1 It Was Panning



Well, hello to you. And let’s welcome back the Clown Queen
of Television for a tinsel-strewn edition to open series three.
It’s been a long, two-year wait for fans – we don’t just like Miranda, we love it – but you’ll recall our unwieldy heroine (Miranda Hart) hadn’t quite got it together with Gary. They’ve agreed “just friends”, but she’s determined to have fun at Christmas, despite starting a new job and being forced to diet.

Nearly all the regulars, and their catchphrases, are back: mum Penny (“Such fun”) is still hopeless with new technology; friend Tilly (“Bear with”) posh-mangles the English language; and joke-shop colleague Stevie (“What have you done today..?”) supplies the crucial love/hate dynamic with Miranda.

It’s all effortlessly, irresistibly funny, brimming with gags and glorious silliness. Hart’s woman-child persona and total lack of vanity in the cause of comedy should be celebrated... with a biscuit blizzard, perhaps.


Penny threatens to cancel the shop owner's Christmas if she can't manage to get her life in order. With Stevie having secured herself new employment, Miranda decides to follow suit and get a job in an office - but it proves easier said than done. Meanwhile, her romantic situation is just as messy as her professional life. Can she and Gary remain just good friends? Miranda Hart, Patricia Hodge and Tom Ellis star.

Cast & Crew

Miranda Miranda Hart
Penny Patricia Hodge
Stevie Sarah Hadland
Gary Tom Ellis
Tilly Sally Phillips
Mike Bo Poraj
Director Juliet May
Executive Producer Jo Sargent
Producer Emma Strain
Writer Miranda Hart
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