Jamie & Jimmy's Food Fight Club

Jamie & Jimmy's Food Fight Club

Series 1 - Episode 4



The theory is that the British appetite for pasta, stir-fries and hummus is due to deep-seated insecurity about our own food. Jamie and Jimmy’s crusade feels like a product of this inferiority complex, they’re trying so hard to prove to our continental cousins that our food and drink is not only good, but also cool.

Tonight they’re off to Belgium armed with craft beers made by the young guns of British brewing. In their caff, their guest is Gary Barlow. If the beer doesn’t impress the Belgians, we should tell them we’ve got a nice singer/songwriter who can keep an ice cube in his mouth for a bit. That’ll show ’em.


Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty meet a group of brewers as they try to beat the Belgians at their own game by making a better beer, and Gary Barlow visits the duo's seaside cafe for steak and ale pie, before joining them for a ride on a rollercoaster. Jimmy is also on the hunt for sustainable alternatives to fish and chips, serving up squirrel pie, jellyfish cakes and snail scampi.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Jamie Oliver
Presenter Jimmy Doherty
Guest Gary Barlow
Executive Producer Dermot Caulfield
Executive Producer Zoe Collins
Series Director Chris Faith
Series Producer Suzy Ratner
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