Mammy Christmas

Mammy Christmas



A third series of the sitcom that manages to be the most viciously criticised on TV – and a Bafta winner that sells DVDs by the million. A dollop of shameless, bawdy chaos, it’s led by Irish comedian Brendan O’Carroll, dragged up 1970s-style as foul-mouthed matriarch Agnes Brown.

Any small part of you trying to take it seriously is reminded not to by O’Carroll’s occasional forays into the studio audience, a remnant of the show’s theatrical roots. It’s like a rude pantomime, but less subtle
than that sounds.


Agnes faces her busiest yuletide ever, with Trevor visiting from the missions, grandson Bono sleeping over on Christmas Eve and three new mouths to feed now that Dermot is the proud father of triplets. If that wasn't enough to juggle, she decides to take on the task of staging a nativity play at the community centre. Meanwhile, Buster and Dermot compete to play Santa in the Grotto, while Dino waits to see whether Rory will take him to the hairdressing award ceremony. Brendan O'Carroll stars. Festive special from 2012.

Cast & Crew

Agnes Brown Brendan O'Carroll
Grandad Brown Dermot O'Neill
Cathy Brown Jennifer Gibney
Rory Brown Rory Cowan
Winnie McGoogan Eilish O'Carroll
Trevor Brown Martin Delany
Dermot Brown Paddy Houlihan
Hillary Nicholson Susie Blake
Father Damien Conor Moloney
Buster Brady Danny O'Carroll
Sharon McGoogan Fiona Gibney
Dino Doyle Gary Hollywood
Barbara Emily Regan
Betty Brown Amanda Woods
Maria Brown Fiona O'Carroll
Mr Foley Mike Nolan
Mark Brown Pat `Pepsi' Shields
Bono Brown Jamie O'Carroll
Director Ben Kellett
Producer Stephen McCrum
Writer Brendan O'Carroll
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