David Suchet: In the Footsteps of St Paul

David Suchet: In the Footsteps of St Paul

Series 1 - Episode 2



The second leg of David Suchet’s journey follows St Paul’s move west to Europe. Here, no one had ever heard of Jesus and attacking the Roman religion meant attacking the Roman state. He had to leave Athens in a hurry. Suchet shares Paul’s discomfort at a re-creation of a Greek symposium. At these parties, philosophy was washed down with wine, and dancing girls distracted minds from the approach of the end of the world.

The trail runs out in Rome. The end of Paul’s story is hazy, but Suchet has learnt enough to get into character and speak Paul’s words. It beats
most dramatic reconstructions.


The actor concludes his history of the influential religious figure, reflecting how he was Christianity's first international ambassador for the faith, travelling thousands of miles by foot and many more by sea. David's journey brings him to Greece, where Paul established churches and brought converts to the faith, and on to Athens and Corinth, where historians and archaeologists give him a better understanding of the world in which he lived. His radical message of a Christian world brought him into conflict with the Roman authorities and was thought to have led to his downfall - but not before he sowed the seeds that helped the religion take root.