The Diamond of the Day - Part Two

Series 5 - Episode 13 The Diamond of the Day - Part Two



For five series, this Arthurian re-spin has entranced its family audience with sweeping quests, old-fashioned romances and humorous byplay. But above all else Merlin is a tale of friendship, and wisely, the writers have made that rapport the heart of this finale, through all the epic battles and swooping dragons.

All four leads are a joy to watch but Bradley James as King Arthur and Colin Morgan as Merlin, who have carried most of the action,
are superb. We’re promised a “spectacular, emotional end” – fans who have thrilled to its blockbuster ambition and character dynamics since 2008 will expect nothing else.


As a fierce battle rages on Camlann's mighty plain, just as the prophecies foresaw, Merlin must find the strength to overcome his greatest challenge yet as he seeks a way to protect Camelot. As he fights to save the kingdom from the attacking hordes and keep Arthur safe from harm, the young wizard finally comes face to face with his destiny. The last-ever episode of the magical adventure, starring Colin Morgan, Bradley James and Katie McGrath. Last in the series.