Friday Night Dinner


Series 2 - Episode 7 Christmas



The boys' other Grandma ruins Christmas when she joins the family at the table for Mum's turkey dinner, accompanied by her equally horrible dog. She has the cheek to bring along her own food, having decided her daughter-in-law's cooking is not up to scratch, and gets into a fight with the most popular Grandma, to everyone's shock. Meanwhile, other dubious festive delights for the clan include Jim turning up dressed as Santa, and Jonny giving Adam a joke present.

Cast & Crew

Dad Paul Ritter
Mum Tamsin Greig
Adam Simon Bird
Jonny Tom Rosenthal
Jim Mark Heap
Grandma Frances Cuka
Horrible Grandma Rosalind Knight
Director Martin Dennis
Executive Producer Kenton Allen
Executive Producer Nira Park
Producer Robert Popper
Writer Robert Popper
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