Ade's Christmas Crackers

Ade's Christmas Crackers


Christmas telly has changed a lot in the past 60 years — thank goodness. After a mercifully brief reminder of the ghastliness that was The Black and White Minstrel Show, Ade Edmondson wisely taps into a vein of more pleasurable TV nostalgia that skips through archive clips of chefs, soaps and comedies. However, while he draws the line at showing us the chimp trained to cycle round the circus ring smoking a cigar, the black-and-white snippets from long forgotten shows are unintentionally hilarious and will make you appreciate today’s offerings.


Adrian Edmondson delves into the archives to celebrate highlights from the past 60 years of festive TV schedules, recalling gems such as the live broadcast of man's first moon orbit, which captivated one billion viewers in 1968, and Eric Morecambe's improvised appearance in the World of Sport studio in 1977. There's also a look back at the comedy specials that defined their decades, from Till Death Us Do Part in the 1960s to Only Fools and Horses in the 1980s, a never-to-be-forgotten Christmas Day 1986 episode of EastEnders, and the adverts that launched classic toys like Action Man, Tiny Tears and Lego.