Him & Her: The Christmas Special

Him & Her: The Christmas Special

Series 3



Christmas Day is a typically unsophisticated affair in Becky and Steve’s grotty flat. Stolen champagne is sipped out of faded mugs, a half-gobbled turkey lies forgotten on the bed and Laura wields a karaoke machine with malicious intent.

Steve tries to be welcoming when his estranged dad turns up on the doorstep, while Becky swallows her disdain by scoffing any foodstuff to hand. As usual, there’s something lovable about this uncouth couple — and watching their shabby festivities is strangely uplifting.


A surprise visitor turns up at the flat on Christmas Day - Steve's dad Pete, who he has not seen for a year. The mood turns awkward and needs lifting with some festive spirit - but the arrival of Laura and Paul with a karaoke machine fills Becky with dread. Later, father and son share a special moment. Russell Tovey, Christopher Fulford and Sarah Solemani star.

Cast & Crew

Steve Russell Tovey
Becky Sarah Solemani
Paul Ricky Champ
Shelly Camille Coduri
Laura Kerry Howard
Dan Joe Wilkinson
Janet Joanna Bacon
Pete Christopher Fulford
Kieran Louis Melton
Director Richard Laxton
Producer Kenton Allen
Writer Stefan Golaszewski
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