The Royle Family Christmas Special: Barbara's Old Ring

The Royle Family Christmas Special: Barbara's Old Ring



Those disappointed that a 2011 Royle Family special failed to materialise will be heartened to learn that Barbara (Sue Johnston) has gone overboard with all the presents for 2012. “If you can’t spoil your family at Christmas, when can you?” she asks, having spent a whole hour in Poundland. But not everyone is cosy and content: neighbour Joe has placed a lonely-hearts ad. It reads: “Vacant Lady Wanted.” Who could resist such a charm offensive?


A new neighbour's cleavage is one of the many topics of conversation as the couch-potato clan gathers for another fun-filled Christmas Day. This year Barbara has gone overboard with the presents after spending an entire two hours in the pound shop, Joe next door has turned to the lonely hearts column, although his advert leaves a lot to be desired, and Dave has had a flash of entrepreneurial inspiration that he intends to pitch to Dragons' Den - are the family on the brink of becoming millionaires? Ricky Tomlinson, Sue Johnston, Caroline Aherne and Craig Cash star. Festive special from 2012.

Cast & Crew

Jim Royle Ricky Tomlinson
Barbara Royle Sue Johnston
Denise Best Caroline Aherne
Dave Best Craig Cash
Joe Carroll Peter Martin
Director Caroline Aherne
Producer Lucy Ansbro
Writer Caroline Aherne
Writer Craig Cash
Writer Phil Mealey
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