Uncle Wormsley's Christmas

Uncle Wormsley's Christmas


What do you give the boy who has everything? An enormous crab, of course. This creepy curio is about the collision of two worlds. Spoilt schoolboy Johnnie is rich and lives in a mansion; Wormsley is grey and twisted and inhabits a rotting house. Johnnie wants a brachyura gigantica for Christmas; Wormsley is the only person who has one…

This cautionary tale would suit older children who enjoy Lemony Snicket books and hate festive fluffiness. Don’t have nightmares.


Steve Coogan narrates a sinister festive animation about love, greed and a giant crab. Uncle Wormsley is a grey, decaying old man who dedicates his life to the care of his only friend, a monstrous crab called that lives in a dungeon under his house. Across town, the wealthy parents of a young boy are desperately seeking the one thing their son wants more than anything else in the world - a giant crab. An unexpected phone call offers a solution to their problems, but dark forces that can never been tamed may be unleashed as a result. With the voices of Julian Barratt, John Thomson, Julia Davis and Ben Baker.
Drama Comedy