World's Biggest Pets

World's Biggest Pets


Living with a Burmese python that weighs more than you do is an unusual life choice. Nicki, from Newcastle, doesn’t regret making it for a moment. She has 88 snakes, lizards and spiders – “A lot more entertaining than a new pair of shoes,” she says. The python certainly proves diverting when it strikes at her, drawing blood.

The other owners of oversized beasties profiled here have rats, cats, dogs, even a pet bison. Bill and Fran from Falkirk keep and breed wolfhounds, including seven-foot Jack. They won’t sell puppies to just anyone. Prospective customers, no matter how famous, have to show equal enthusiasm for the big dogs and the teeny-weeny puppies.


Documentary about large animals romping through homes and neighbourhoods, including the world's tallest dog Giant George - which is the height of two average golden retrievers and weighs as much as 35 Yorkshire terriers. A man from Texas has devoted his life to his pet bison, a beast the same size as a small family car, and a reptile fanatic from Newcastle shows off her Burmese python, which is capable of swallowing a human whole.

Cast & Crew

Director Rob McCourt
Executive Producer Will Smith
Producer Rob McCourt
Nature Documentary