Strummer and Me

Strummer and Me


Playwright Colin MacDonald must be a true Clash fan. There are subtle references and throwaway lines to the band from the very start — “the Clash were audio dynamite” being the best. But he has managed to write a believable fantasy on what might have happened when frontman Joe Strummer left the band without telling them where he was going and took refuge in Paris.

The music chosen to accompany the piece, including a haunting snatch of Strummer’s Johnny Appleseed, matches the words in an original union, which does not often happen in radio drama. Most important of all, this is a story about not giving up on yourself and those you love.

As the tenth anniversary of Joe Strummer’s death approaches, it is a rather beautiful way to celebrate what he brought to the world.


By Colin MacDonald. A fictionalised account of what may have happened to the Clash frontman Joe Strummer during his three-week disappearance in 1982, when feeling under pressure from his record company and increasingly alienated from his own music, he eloped to Paris where he was subsequently found. Starring Robert Jack and Bryan Dick.