Springwatch Guide to Otters

Springwatch Guide to Otters



Otters are the great conservation success story. By the 1970s they had become virtually extinct in England, retreating to Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Today our favourite members of the weasel family have made such
a widespread comeback (thanks largely to pesticide bans) that programmes like Springwatch regularly bring us footage of otter families that would melt the flintiest heart. So we have plenty of otters doing ottery things but with an edge of rigour provided by Chris Packham, Simon King and Charlie Hamilton James, who explore what the latest scientific evidence tells us about their behaviour.


An in-depth view of the otter, which has adapted to a life both in and out of the water. Martin Hughes-Games and Chris Packham are joined by fieldcraft experts Simon King and Charlie Hamilton James to present the latest scientific discoveries about the animal, as well as its turbulent history in the UK. They also reveal how it appears to be making a steady comeback around the country - which is not being greeted as good news by everyone.