Jamie & Jimmy's Food Fight Club

Jamie & Jimmy's Food Fight Club

Series 1 - Episode 3



What with all their dressing up, larking about and repeatedly calling each other “mate”, Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty could be the new Hairy Bikers. But their tongue-in-cheek British food crusade has swagger and style to spare, and in the third instalment they’ve got an easy sell: taking British puddings to the Italians.

Along with Jamie’s mentor, Gennaro Contaldo, the pair seem to be labouring under the misapprehension that tiramisu, panna cotta and gelato make Italians the godfathers of puddings. The elephant (roughly the size of Jamie ’n’ Jim’s souped-up Capri) in the room is that, compared with what they can do with a pan of pasta, Italians just aren’t that good at dessert. We’ve got this one sewn up. The challenge takes place at a lavish Italian wedding, and before they set off, our hosts make bread and butter pudding with Jonathan Ross and other sweet classics with Nora Sands, the real star of Jamie’s School Dinners.


Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty go head to head with an Italian pastry chef at a lavish wedding banquet to find out whether British desserts can rival foreign alternatives. Jonathan Ross drops by the duo's seaside cafe in Southend to prepare bread-and-butter pudding, before joining them for a burger and fries on a rollercoaster. Plus, Jimmy looks into the nation's ever-growing portion sizes.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Jamie Oliver
Presenter Jimmy Doherty
Guest Jonathan Ross
Executive Producer Dermot Caulfield
Executive Producer Zoe Collins
Series Director Chris Faith
Series Producer Suzy Ratner
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