Young Apprentice


Series 3 - Episode 8 Sportswear



After last week’s double-barrelled firing, we’re down to the last four candidates. Are these the ones whose cards you marked from the start? Are you despairing of Lord Sugar’s taste because he’s fired all your favourites and saved all the boneheads?

Time to shelve your anger and get with the programme, because it’s the final. And even though the winner’s prize is a by-TV-standards modest £25,000 (for “kickstarting his or her business career”), these are a competitive bunch. They will take the task of creating a whole new brand of sportswear very seriously.

They have to come up with a brand name, a logo and a viral video that will get their product noticed, then pitch their brand to an audience of experts. And from the winning team, one of them will get hired.


It's the final and just four candidates remain, all eager to get their hands on the £25,000 investment into their business future. To stand any chance of doing so, they have to win the last challenge, which involves creating a new brand of sportswear - thinking up a name, a logo and a viral video to get their product noticed. Industry insiders will decide which has the most potential to go global - and from that team, Alan Sugar will choose this year's Young Apprentice. Last in the series.