You've Been Scammed

Buy to Let

Series 2 - Episode 9 Buy to Let



It’s easy to scoff at other people’s misfortune, but unless you’ve been thoroughly diddled yourself, it’s hard to believe how very sophisticated some scams can be. And it’s not all Hustle-style promises of pots of gold. In the “right” circumstances people who follow their eminently sensible instincts to plan for the future can be as vulnerable as those who are seduced by glamorous opportunities.

Today, Matt Allwright meets a man who invested in a buy-to-let scheme that turned out to be a fraud, and is facing the loss of his home. We also hear how police found and dealt with the criminals who wheedled bank cards and PIN details out of pensioners in Kent.


Matt Allwright investigates the story of a conman who targeted pensioners to obtain their bank card details, and also meets a man on the verge of losing his home after investing in a bogus buy-to-let scheme.