The Cow That Almost Missed Christmas

The Cow That Almost Missed Christmas


Written and illustrated by the team behind the bold, funny children’s book The Cow That Laid an Egg, this animation tells the Christmas story through the big doe-eyes of Marjorie (Isy Suttie), a Bethlehem cow. She hears about a street party and sets off with a chicken called Brian (Johnny Vegas) to join the fun.


Children's animation retelling the Nativity from the viewpoint of a young cow named Marjorie who ventures into the town of Bethlehem in search of a party. With the voices of Isy Suttie, Johnny Vegas and Miriam Margolyes.

Cast & Crew

Marjorie Isy Suttie
Brian Johnny Vegas
Herd of Sheep Miriam Margolyes
Writer Andy Cutbill