The Long Count

The Long Count


It’s the winter solstice and up and down the country pagans and followers of the old religion will gather at ancient British sites. But according to Mayan prophecies, today is also the doomsday date for planet Earth. This drama, performed in real-life time, follows the shifts within a small group of people who have travelled to Silbury Hill in Wiltshire to witness the countdown to catastrophe.

They believe in a leader who has told them that they will be saved, but one of the key questions that starts to be asked is what will happen if the world does not come to an end? A journalist is there to record what happens and his observations are our entry point. Woven throughout are atmospheric, puzzling sounds that subtly swell as the clock gets closer to 3pm.

Do follow the unfolding events — presuming the cataclysm does not get here first.


By Glen Neath. New age spiritualists convene on Silsbury Hill in Wiltshire at the winter solstice to await what they believe will be the end of the world. Journalist Avis Roberts, who has been investigating adherents of the theory that the Mayan Long Count calendar foretells the apocalypse, joins the gathering to share its final moments and figure out what is actually about to happen. Drama, starring Anthony Shuster.