Jack Irish: Black Tide

Jack Irish: Black Tide



An old mucker of Jack’s dad wants some legal advice. Jack (Guy Pearce), being an obliging sort of chap (if no longer a practising lawyer), offers his help, and promptly gets drawn into another complex case, this time involving drugs and, inevitably, corruption in high places.

The plot may not be original, but it’s the characters and script that keep you watching this pleasurable Aussie drama: the old boys in the pub; racing buddies Harry and Cam; and the “I can’t be arsed to do my own job, I’m sure as hell not going to do yours” response of Jack’s slovenly police contact. Over it all is Pearce’s splendid Jack, keen to do the right thing, and genuinely scared when things go wrong. No wonder the ladies throw themselves at him.


Des Connors, Jack's last link to his late father, asks for assistance in tracking down his son, who has disappeared. However, it soon becomes clear that the missing Gary Connors was a man with something to hide, and may have dropped off the radar for a very good reason. The second of three films starring Guy Pearce as the troubled private detective of Peter Temple's Australian crime thrillers.