Jingle Bells

Series 10 - Episode 14 Jingle Bells



Pull a cracker for a festive QI with Phill Jupitus, Alan Davies, Danny Baker and RT’s Sarah Millican. They are a ribald bunch, leading ringmaster Stephen Fry, resplendent in a luxuriant Santa outfit, to wail: “We have started our family Christmas show just as I’d hoped we would.”

Everyone is on fine form and there are some good gags, including one from Fry about Freudians and a light bulb. And we learn why it is always Christmas in Millican’s spare bedroom.


Stephen Fry hosts a Christmas edition of the peculiar panel quiz, asking Sarah Millican, Phill Jupitus, Danny Baker and regular panellist Alan Davies a range of questions on the suitably festive topic of jingle bells, awarding points for the most interesting answers.
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