The Shakespeare Code

Series 3 - Episode 2 The Shakespeare Code



The Doctor takes Martha to Elizabethan England, where the discovery that William Shakespeare is under the control of sinister witch-like creatures throws the pair into a battle to stop history being changed for ever. Time-travelling adventure, starring David Tennant and Freema Agyeman, with Dean Lennox Kelly as the Bard.

Cast & Crew

The Doctor David Tennant
Martha Jones Freema Agyeman
Shakespeare Dean Lennox Kelly
Lilith Christina Cole
Wiggins Sam Marks
Doomfinger Amanda Lawrence
Bloodtide Linda Clark
Dick Jalaal Hartley
Kempe David Westhead
Dolly Bailey Andree Bernard
Lynley Chris Larkin
Jailer Stephen Marcus
Peter Streete Matt King
Preacher Robert Demeger
Queen Elizabeth Angela Pleasence
Director Charles Palmer
Producer Phil Collinson
Writer Gareth Roberts
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