Scribes v Draughtsmen

Series 6 - Episode 17 Scribes v Draughtsmen



For Only Connect’s many fans, every episode of the politest quiz in the world is a reason to celebrate. Just living on a planet where Only Connect exists is a daily cause for joy. But tonight we have a double delight – the series’ grand final, which also just happens to be its 100th episode.

The six contestants, and host Victoria Coren, are all wearing commemorative centenary badges as they paw the ground ready to compete for the understated plastic Only Connect champions’ trophy.

It’s gratifying that the programme’s success has suddenly rocketed
with episodes routinely winning audiences of more than one million, quite a feat for a BBC4 show. The final will reward everyone’s devotion because it’s a corker, and you’ll be pleased to hear that those looming leviathans, the Connecting Walls, are absolute stinkers. By the end, everyone really deserves those glasses of sherry that Coren hands round.


Three writers take on a trio of beer enthusiasts in the final. Victoria Coren hosts the 100th episode of the brain-teasing quiz, featuring contestants trying to make connections between things that at first do not appear to be linked. Last in the series.