We Take Care of our Own

Series 4 - Episode 8 We Take Care of our Own



An armoured truck loaded with over two million dollars vanishes, and Team One races off to track it down. They intercept it easily enough, but find themselves under fire from an elite team of ex-soldiers who will stop at nothing to create a new life for themselves. Sam must reach out to a proud and charismatic sergeant (Steve Bacic) and convince him to surrender before it's too late.

Cast & Crew

Ed Lane Hugh Dillon
Sgt Gregory Parker Enrico Colantoni
The Sergeant Steve Bacic
Julianna Callaghan Amy Jo Johnson
Sam Braddock David Paetkau
Kevin Wordsworth Michael Cram
Mike `Spike' Scarlatti Sergio Di Zio
Lewis `Lou' Young Mark Taylor
Dr Amanda Luria Ruth Marshall
Director Stefan Pleszczynski
Writer Larry Bambrick
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