Inside Claridge's

Inside Claridge's

Series 1 - Episode 3

Thu 5 Oct 9pm - 10pm Really


It’s the summer of London 2012 and the red carpet is repeatedly rolled out as Claridge’s greets monarchs and heads of state.

The revolving doors, which have to be cleaned every 15 to 20 minutes to get rid of pesky handprints, twirls people into the hotel’s lobby, which is packed, not just with diplomats, kings and queens, but also with athletes lounging on chairs. The temptation to tidy the latter away, admits a staff member, is almost overwhelming.

Back in the kitchens, Claridge’s is hosting the wildly trendy Danish restaurant Noma with an avant-garde £195-a-head multi-course feast, including a course of live ants. These are brought to the hotel by a “Danish ant forager”. It’s a proper job, apparently.


Thirty delegations from around the world arrive to stay at the hotel for the duration of the Olympics, with the red carpet being rolled out five times a day for heads of state. World-famous Danish eatery Noma sets up a pop-up restaurant in the ballroom and Claridge's chefs are faced with providing Nordic-foraged food to thousands of guests who have paid £195 each. A couple fly in from Atlanta for the wedding of their dreams and a butler prepares a suite for one of the hotel's most valued guests, bringing furniture, hat boxes and 20 suits out of storage for just one night.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Emma Tutty
Executive Producer Magnus Temple
Series Director Jane Treays
Series Producer Jane Treays