The Proposal

Series 3 - Episode 6 The Proposal



Poor old Steve (Russell Tovey) has spent the whole series trying to pluck up the courage to propose to an unsuspecting Becky (and stealing the ring back off her light-fingered sister Laura). Tonight is the perfect moment — their first anniversary — so your heart will go out to Steve when Laura barges through the door, even viler than usual. Don’t forget to tune in to the Christmas special next week.


Steve plans to ask Becky to marry him on the first anniversary of their courtship. However, he has not reckoned on the arrival of Laura to complicate matters. Comedy centred on the lives of an unemployed twenty-something couple, starring Russell Tovey and Sarah Solemani.

Cast & Crew

Steve Russell Tovey
Becky Sarah Solemani
Paul Ricky Champ
Laura Kerry Howard
Shelly Camille Coduri
Dan Joe Wilkinson
Gina Diane Morgan
Graham Paul Clayton
Director Richard Laxton
Producer Kenton Allen
Writer Stefan Golaszewski
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