River Cottage: Three Go Mad at Christmas

River Cottage: Three Go Mad at Christmas



Tramping through the fields behind empty-handed forager John Wright, Kathy Burke turns to the camera and whispers throatily, “He’s a fantasist! There’s nothing here!” But it’s not just wild food that Burke doesn’t believe in. It’s Christmas. Along with Green Wing co-stars Stephen Mangan and Mark Heap, who tower above her, Burke is at River Cottage to learn its rustic ways and create a hand-made, alternative Christmas feast in the process.

To keep his guests on the straight and narrow, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall must control booze rations and try to distract the trio with wholesome pursuits such as the milking of goats.


It's Christmas at River Cottage and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is throwing open his doors to some celebrity friends - comedy stars Kathy Burke, Stephen Mangan and Mark Heap. Hugh takes Kathy out on a fishing trip to catch an alternative Christmas Day main course - perfect for non-meat eaters like her, or anyone fancying a change from turkey. Resident forager John Wright heads to the woods in search of wild mushrooms and oak moss for a seasonal starter, and chefs Tim Maddams and Gill Meller demonstrate how to prepare cocktails, breads and trays of vegetables.