Series 4 - Episode 8



Rudy's passion for Nadine is put to the test as he tries to persuade her that they have a future together. He suspects she is keeping something from him when he finally discovers her secret - then the truth takes on biblical proportions as the whole gang discovers her superpower.

Cast & Crew

Jess Karla Crome
Rudy Joseph Gilgun
Finn Nathan McMullen
Abby Natasha O'Keeffe
Alex Matt Stokoe
Greg Shaun Dooley
Nadine Gillian Saker
Sister Catherine Sandy McDade
Sister Elizabeth Sam Battersea
Sarah Eve Ponsonby
1st Horseman of the Apocalypse Jonny Cheetham
2nd Horseman of the Apocalypse Glen Coe
3rd Horseman of the Apocalypse Jordan Lunn
4th Horseman of the Apocalypse Paul Brown
Director Dusan Lazarevic
Series Producer Matt Strevens
Writer Howard Overman
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