Frost on Nixon

Frost on Nixon


Sir David Frost is better placed than anyone outside Richard Nixon’s family and former staff to provide an insight into the hugely complex personality of the disgraced former US president. He presents here not only excerpts from his own 29 hours of interview and the thousands of hours of audio in the infamous White House Tapes, but also some rather damning insights from Nixon’s own family.

Whether one hour is long enough to condense all this material into a well-rounded profile remains to be heard, but it does raise the question about how much we should know about such powerful people.


Documentary from late 2012, originally broadcast to mark the approaching 100th anniversary of the birth of Richard Nixon. The broadcaster, who famously interviewed Nixon in 1977 in the wake of the Watergate scandal, returns to the 29 hours of tape recorded at the time to explore the character of the man behind the political persona.

Cast & Crew

Presenter David Frost
Producer Neil Rosser