Inside Guinness World Records

Inside Guinness World Records

Episode 2



Our second visit to the compilers of the book of Guinness World Records is a little more downbeat. We meet record attempters whose interviews suggest their need to stand out is to help deal with other problems in their lives, sadly.

No such worries with the first subject, a Great Dane from Michigan called Zeus, who is the world’s tallest dog. In one scene he casually leans over and drinks from the kitchen sink. These are the simple, guilty pleasures of the programme — resoundingly odd spectacles, like the world’s oldest wing walker or the man who holds the record for the most jelly eaten with chopsticks.


Concluding the documentary meeting a wide range of record holders, including Wilma Conner, the oldest competitive female bodybuilder, Pauline Potter, the world's heaviest woman, Tom Lackey, an aerobatic wing walker, and Zeus, the tallest dog that ever lived. Also featuring is a man whose achievements have kept him out of prison, and someone who claims that winning records has brought him closer to God.