Burke's Seven

Series 2 - Episode 10 Burke's Seven



Mozzie narrowly escapes death and the man thought to have been behind the attack manages to successfully shunt the blame on Burke, leading to him being suspended from duty. Neal, Jones, Diana, Sara, Mozzie and Elizabeth help run a sting to finally catch the suspect and to clear their colleague's name. Matthew Bomer and Tim DeKay star.

Cast & Crew

Neal Caffrey Matthew Bomer
Peter Burke Tim DeKay
Mozzie Willie Garson
Diana Barrigan Marsha Thomason
Elizabeth Burke Tiffani Thiessen
Clinton Jones Sharif Atkins
Reese Hughes James Rebhorn
Julian Larssen Paul Blackthorne
Sara Ellis Hilarie Burton
Agent Roe Kevin Kilner
Devlin Jayce Bartok
Director Michael Smith
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